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Concept, Copy, Art Direction
Boomerang Agency, Frank Visser

99% of the pigs in the Netherlands lead horrible lives, as their tails are being cut off. Just 1% still have their tail. This sparked Varkens in Nood to invite us to craft a campaign. Needless to say, we were passionate to craft something impactful.


We translated the statistics into a Where’s Waldo type illustration. We hid one happy pig in a horrible context, surrounded by suffering peers. Prompting people to find the happy one, we forced them to acknowledge all the poor pigs in the illustration. This campaign was supported by a radio and TVC spot. Did we realize impact? Ask that to the national farmers group who started an anti-campaign.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 13.29.15.png


By Floor van het Nederend
Waar is het blije varkentje Final artwork KLEUR LORES (2).jpg
Blije varkentje KLEUR.png
Mannetje met schaar KLEUR.png
Caroline KLEUR.png
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