I'm a creative with the drive to create work that I love and loved making. 

My mind is full of random facts, weird knowledge, and some obsessions that often come in handy when it comes to concepting.

Currently, I’m obsessed with broken drain pipes, land surveyors, and a specific spot at Amsterdam Central station. I love observing daily life and using those scenarios, characters, and events in my work. It also helps me create new scenarios.


Humor is one of my strongest traits and this combined with a sobering realism and a smidge of absurdism also defines me as a person. I love the worlds of internet culture especially when it seeps in to everyday life. 


My first step was graphic design, this gave me the tools that helped me bring my ideas to life. After this, I went to study Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academy where I also interned at Duval Guillaume in Brussel. I chose this agency because their work inspired me to start my advertising career. The Belgium humor and style were something I wanted to experience. After graduating I worked for XXS Amsterdam and I currently reside at Chuck Studios.



Media College Amsterdam: Graphic Design
Willem de Kooning Academy: Major Advertising Minor Hacking

The Streets


Basis Idee(Intern)
Johnny Loco(Intern)
Duval Guillaume (Intern)
XXS (Junior Creative)

CURRENT - Chuck Studios (Junior Creative)


Nominated NRC Award | Stichting Vergeten Kind 2016
Museum Exposition | Hacking Traditions 2017
Nominated MAF Young Masters Award 2018

Gold Lovie | LIVE-EET Honig | Chuck Studios/Dept Agency 2020

Gold Webbie | LIVE-EET Honig | Chuck Studios/Dept Agency 2020

And my Mom mentions me a lot.

Dutch - English