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ALBERT HEIJN - Mega eigen merk fans

Concept, Art Direction
Boomerang Agency, 
Matthijs Van Asselt, Sjoerd Wingens

Albert Heijn takes great care of their main fans. When they tasked us to celebrate the biggest fans of their own brand products, we came up with something special. 


Enter: Albert Heijn Mega eigen merk fans. A community-driven format to thank our fans in a surprising way. First, we asked costumers what their favourite products are. Next, we visited some of them at home to test their knowledge. If they got our pop quiz questions and assignments right, we’d surprise them with a gift inspired by their fave products. Curious to see what they got? Take a look!


It’s safe to say that the community loved this approach. We have produced some additional gifts and the requests keep coming in.

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